One of the biggest misconceptions with purchasing a new home is that you need a large down payment. The truth is many loan programs will allow a borrower to qualify for a mortgage with as little as zero down.  

Unfortunately, buyers frequently miss out on purchasing opportunities and lose significant potential equity by waiting years to come up with 10% to 20% down. There are other options for obtaining the mortgage payment a buyer needs that may be better for the specific budget and lending scenario. 

A borrower’s debt-to-income ratio is a significant factor in the mortgage amount for which they can qualify. Student loans, large car payments, and other credit liabilities can add up quickly and chip away at loan qualifying limits. 

We want to give a borrower a payment they can afford and feel comfortable paying over the life of the loan. 

A Seller Buydown Mortgage is a strategy where we work with the seller to help provide a buyer with a lower-than-market interest rate.

The Move Up Purchase can be tricky in today’s competitive market. A seller is often faced with a scenario in which they need to net a certain amount from the sale of their current residence in order to have a down payment for their next, more expensive home. 

There is a two-step process we use to help buyers and sellers via the Seller Buydown Mortgage, where the seller can save equity by helping their buyers obtain a lower mortgage payment. The same strategy is applied to the next purchase, where we attack rate vs. price. 

Our goal is to help buyers and sellers work together on solving complex price vs. equity vs. payment problems by using the Seller Buydown Mortgage strategy. 

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